Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Week Ahead 5 Sept 2011

We originally advertised a Leisure Centre field session for Tuesday, but it seems like the new Rose Inn Relays have really captured the imagination. Even the Head Coach has been lured into a relay team, but now regretfully announces that he hasn’t so far managed to find a member of his coaching team who’s free to manage the LC session (slap on wrist for Head Coach!)

The session is a time-based pyramid and isn’t rocket science, so can we make a plea to those who want to do it to have a go without a qualified coach present?

Very simply, you run at pace for increasing periods of time starting with one minute, then increasing by one minute increments to a peak of 7 minutes. You then count back down to one minute and that’s it. Spelt out it’s:

Run 1 minute at sustainable pace/1 min recovery/2 mins pace/1 min rec/3 mins pace/2 mins rec/4 mins pace/2 mins rec/5 mins pace/2 mins rec/6 mins pace/3 mins rec/7 mins pace/3 mins rec/6 mins pace/3 mins rec/5 mins pace/2mins rec/4 mins pace/2 mins rec/3mins pace/2 mins rec/2 mins pace/1 min rec/1 min all out. Got that?


The run on Thursday is the Three Woods starting with Barnetts Wood.


And then... being the second Thursday in the month it’s Curry Night down at ‘Spoons!

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