Monday, 26 September 2011

The Week Ahead 26 September 2011

Autumn draws on dear ladies – and gentlemen – and as well as the change in underwear we have the darkening evenings to contend with.

On Tuesday we’re going to try to race that wicked Mr Dusk with a 20/20 session on the field. The plan is to get on the field and incorporate the warm-up in the first 5 of the 20 mins out. That means all the fast people staying behind the safety car until he/she blows the whistle whereupon we let slip the dogs of war for the final 15 minutes. The whistle is blown again and we all turn round and run lickety-split for 20 minutes in the opposite direction. Can we do it? The Hell we can! Yes we can, I hear you say.

Likewise on Thursday. We’ll run over to Tutshill and make a start on the Gloucestershire Way, but when we hit the road again near Netherhope, we’ll give Mr Dusk his due and finish on the Boughspring Runs routes. But bring a headtorch and you can do it all off-road eh?

Either way it behoves us all to wear our reflective tops from now on. We’re getting a new supply for sale at cost price to those needing one.

And finally, dust off your cross-country shoes for Sunday over Piercefield Park, the first LCL of the new season. We’re putting it on under Paul Dodd’s direction, so you can choose between helping to set up the course at 9am – meet at the LC  top car park by the field; OR help to take it down after the race. Either way it’s just a few sticks and bits of tape.

Then haste to the LC bar for drinks and cakes and the LCL Summer League prizegiving. We’ll wait for you if you’re helping to dismantle the course.   


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