Friday, 26 August 2011

Sunday Cycle Rides

Some of our members have been joining in a steady friendly bike ride on Sunday mornings. The organiser Paul James has asked us to post the following info:

Sunday 28.08.11

Propose a group ride towards Newport, heading back home along the flat quiet roads around Redwick, Bishton and Magor. The terrain is predominantly flat with only a couple of steepish hills (Parkwall and Pewllmyrick).

Distance around 35 – 40 miles. This will be a steady/moderate paced (not fast) ride suitable for a reasonably conditioned rider with a good endurance base or who undertakes a mix of running/cycling

Should any riders wish to get in some “additional miles” there are good options on reaching Caldicot on the return leg. From this point the hills around Shirenewton and Devauden are easily accessible.

There are also plenty of points along the route where riders could turn back should they not wish to complete the full ride.

Meeting point and time: Telephone kiosk on St Lawrence Road, located just off St Lawrence Round-a bout. Aim to meet at 9.00am departure by 9.10.

Sunday 04.09.11

A shorter taster type ride similar to the one that we ran to Thornbury recently. This ride would be good for novice riders, riders who are perhaps returning to cycling and possibly still building conditioning or existing cyclists who would like to try a group ride for the first time.

This will be a nice steady ride, probably with a coffee stop. Terrain will be predominately flat, distance between 20 – 30 miles

Meeting time 9.30, location as Sunday the 28th.

Sunday 11.09.11

A hilly challenging ride, 50 - 60 miles in duration heading out towards Abergavenny and taking in either the Abergavenny to Roockfield Road or the Llanfoist road and heading to Bleanavon via the Tumble. I would describe the terrain on both routes as very challenging especially the Tumble Hill which is 3 miles in length and very steep in places. Both routes are more suited to a well-conditioned and experienced rider.

Meeting time 8.30, same location as Sunday the 28th.



Ian Hutchinson and myself have discussed options for running a second group on a Sunday so that we can offer a shorter steadier paced ride each week for new comers and novice cyclists and something of a longer faster paced ride for more established cyclists. It’s possible that we will be able to get this up and running alongside the rides on the 4th and 11th. As soon as Ian is back from his French trip we’ll put our heads together.

Paul James

01291 629688

07899 788 531



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