Wednesday, 17 August 2011

LCL Summer and Combined Final Results

Many thanks to Martyn and Jeanette Jenkins of Fairwater Runners for administering this summer’s LCL road series. The continuing and long-lasting success of the League is very much due to the hard work and judicious guidance of Martyn, Jeanette and the committee members from each club.

Congrats to Fairwater and Chepstow for providing the Men’s and Women’s Team Champions. Our webmaster Ivan will be posting the full results very soon, but may I pick out the individual Chepstow age category winners?

Vanessa Lawson, Jane Green (Horler as was), Brenda Avery, Neal Grant and Dick Finch were first placers.

Esther Barrett, Lou Summers, Sue Ashton won silver, and Paul Lidgett, Gerry Ashton, Syd Wheeler bronze.

Joc Dodd, Jane Bayliss ,Gill Stott, Karen Elvers, Berta Havers, Andy Stott, Matthew Lawson and Steve Caldwell were top five placers.

Now for the Combined Winter and Summer Series. Chepstow provided the Team Winners (triggering a souvenir gift for all who ran or took part in at least six of the ten races  - that right Lou?)

Lou Summers not only worked tirelessly as Women’s Team Captain but has also won the Women’s Combined Individual Trophy, ahead of Vanessa Lawson in 2nd place and Sue Ashton in 10th. And well done to Steve Harris, our only man in the top ten.

Congrats to Sean Taylor of Griffithstown for winning the Men’s Combined Trophy.

Trophies are expected to be presented after the first cross-country event.


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