Monday, 25 July 2011

The Week Ahead 25 July 2011

This Tuesday’s session is a popular one that Rich Matthews’ dad introduced to us some time ago. Up The Clock takes us round the track at speed to a set point on the far side, followed by a jog recovery back to the start. We then run at speed again to a point 10 metres further than the first point, followed by a 10 metre shorter recovery. And so on, with an extra 10 metres each time and 10 metres less recovery. Sounds tough but it works very well. 

On Thursday it’s across Piercefield Park, up to Wyndcliff, along the Wye Valley Walk to Porthcasseg, and then up to Gaer Hill, and back home. 

The Magor Marsh race director, Rob Brown would still be delighted to hear from anyone who can help on Sunday. Please add a Comment below this Blog if you can help in any way.


  1. Mark Harvey (Snr)26 July 2011 at 08:31

    Eh up! Is tonight's training at the LC or Beachley track?

  2. Good question Mark!
    Ivan's in charge, but I'm guessing it's at the LC.
    I expect Iv will post a comment if that's wrong.

  3. Yep - on the LC field.
    Looking bright and sunny over here in bristol - hopefully equally so in chepstow for a session in the sunshine!