Saturday, 4 June 2011

Harriers Star at Orienteering

Our very own Dave Andrews shot round the hills, lanes and tracks of Hewelsfield today to snatch the super vet prize at the end of season North Gloucestershire Orienteering Event.  Well done Dave!  Mark Harvey was proud to punch 11 controls in one hour, dispelling the myth of ‘Sat Nav’ and Steve Harris ran so fast he didn’t have time to stop and punch some of them.   Coachy took to the map with ease and enjoyed a saunter round with a friend whilst Lou allowed herself to be led up a few garden paths by a well known local Harrier who assured her he knew every nook and cranny in the district…  

Highest scorer of the day was a local who nobody knew – an M50 sporting an OMM top who arrived late then cleared the board. Must encourage him to join the Harriers – we could do with some more fast M50s. 

Matthew L managed to get an often empty push chair round an obstacle course whilst Reuben and Seth ran ahead  faster when they learned of a possible prize, which they won.  After the race Coachy led the way in the cake eating contest, winning hands down (or full).  Many thanks to Lou, Rob and Vanessa for helping to clear up afterwards. 

Gill & Andy Stott, Organisers

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