Saturday, 14 May 2011

Llandogo Fun Run Sunday 15th May

Register before 10.50 am in the School

At Llandogo School: A twisty turny circuit, mostly on grass, of just less than 1km around the school and village hall grounds.

Adults - 4 laps

Seniors (age 11-16) - 3 laps

Juniors (years 3 to 6 - generally up to 11 years old) - 2 laps

Races for Infants (playgroup, reception, years 1 and 2 - generally up to 7years old) - 1 Lap

£3.50 infants/juniors, £4.50 seniors/adults (£5.50 if adults want a medal!?)

Proceeds go towards the school and playgroup.Lots of other activities going on  eg bouncy castle, and there willbe drinks and cakes etc

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