Monday, 4 April 2011

The Week Ahead 4 April 2011

A chance to be part of Chepstow Harriers history on Tuesday! Well be training on the Beachley army camp track for what we hope will be the first of many occasions.

But please don’t expect too much. It’s an old-fashioned shale track without lane markings, but I reckon it’s an improvement on our bumpy, holey grass field.

The session is a time pyramid where we run hard for a minute, slowly jog back to the start for a minute, then run hard for two minutes and recover again. Then increase the effort and recovery times a minute at a time till we get to 7 minutes. Then we go back down the ladder to a final one minute. The coach will have a watch and whistle, so you just have to run!

We’ll share cars down to the Camp – so please be at the top of the Leis Ctre steps in time for a 7 o’clock departure. Go straight there for 7.15 if you prefer. It’s the last right turn before you reach the Ferry Inn. Follow the road under the Bridge, the road bends left and you reach the Welfare Office buildings and park tidily nearby.

On Thursday our first off-road venture of the season. The 3 woods till it’s too dark, then back along the road. Still need your reflective jacket, and a torch is recommended.

Finally on Saturday we have the April Club Champs. The Sugar Loaf Race is the most friendly, non-hazardous fell race you could imagine. Quite a bit of road with a good bit of flat running on springy turf. Enter on the day, only £3.

Do this race and you’ll also have points for the Club Fell Series, and for the South Wales Fell Series. Wow! Three lots of points for running just one race!

Race HQ is Abergavenny Leis Ctre starting at 11. A 9.30 start should get us there by 10.15 latest. How does that sound for meeting time?  




  1. Brenda has just raised a good point - do we need to carry any special gear for the Sugar Loaf, like body cover, compass, whistle etc?
    The short answer is no, as this is not a severe enough event.
    However it is always advisable to take along a windproof long-sleeved top, long-legged bottoms and a hat and gloves when you're going to a fell race. The weather conditions on hill tops are usually less mild than at sea level AND the Race Organiser always has the authority to specify that entrants wear or carry some gear, if the weather looks bad.

  2. last year the organiser asked for kit to be carried and then decided against that 5 mins before the start.

    I would definitely take the following kit in a small bumbag:
    windproof top and bottoms
    map (to be picked up there)

    the weather forecast look good but you don't want to go all that way and find you can't run because the conditions on the hills are worse

  3. Niki Vanessa and I are meeting at the LC at 6.40 to jog to the track - if anyone else fancies it.