Monday, 25 April 2011

The Week Ahead 25 April 2011

An excellent opportunity on Tuesday to improve your leg strength and speed, and your hill technique in races. We’re over in Tutshill to do the Windmill Hill sessions.

It’s the usual one minute up/one minute down format: but here’s the special bit – you run the first 30 secs with high knees and arms, and then the coach’s whistle will signal you to change your style to shorter, more economical strides in a way that, as in a racing, gets you to the top of a hill with the least effort and in the best shape to push on.

So the session gives you a combination of the hard driving style that will benefit your leg and body strength, and the economic race style that will improve your race efficiency.

Then on Thursday come to Chepstow Park Wood for Round 2 of the Club Handicap Series. See if you can improve your Round 1 time, and impress the Rack Raid selectors who can be mighty influenced by a good Handicap performance. Start at 7 this time as the evenings get longer.

Then come on down to the Fountain Inn just a mile away in Trellech Grange for a post-race drink and bite. Last time they had a quiz on as well.


  1. On Thursday, the first 'handicapped' runner is off at 7.15pm, so plenty of time to get there without missing the start.

  2. It's a bit late now but the Leisure Centre is shutting at 7.30PM. I turned up with my kit tonight but pushed off home when told. We never learn, do we ?

  3. Me too Gareth, grr. Early closing for 'Bank Holiday Tuesday' I was told. Er, what?! :)