Monday, 11 April 2011

The Week Ahead 11 April 2011

Don’t these weeks come round quick? Back up on the LC field for the first time for six months, and we’re doing some new drills that Jane and Geoff brought back from their training camp in Portugal.

Then it’s 10 minutes out and back like we do across the Bridge. Get your breath back for the second part of the show – a chase round the field with a team of three trying to catch the rest. Prizes for the last caught!

On Thursday we’ll run as far up the Wye Valley Walk as we can before Mr Dusk overtakes us. Then back along the new wide path past the racecourse. And, being the second Thursday in the month, it’s Curry Night!

If you’re not running Offa’s Orror on Sunday or doing some long race in London, can you help at the Offa’S finish, or sweeping at the back of the race please?

And good luck to all in the Marathon!  



  1. Hi I left a message on the bulletin board's Offor orror thread - to say I'm happy to help with sweepers, for the race!

  2. Thanks Berta.

    Anyone else to accompany Berta please? It's a bit much for one.