Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Marathon weekend

Some members may have already read on the bulletin board that a number of marathon runners were in action last weekend.

Milan - Luke, Gareth and Ian, 3.30.49, 4.31.32 and 4.07.00 respectively

Gareth reports....    Milan .... Well 26 degrees was 'orrible. Just getting around was an ordeal. All three of us agreed 'We didn't enjoy a single minute of the race :oops: ! '

Rotterdamn - Judith and Allan, they did 3.58.04 and 3.55.53 respectively

Judith....  It felt like something of an exercise in survival, even though it was "only" 24 for us in Rotterdam.

At last but by no means least, Nick Battersby completed Marathon Des Sables!!  165th / 811 finishers !!  Impressive.

Details at : competitor 673
6 Days of running. On the go for 37 hours. Serious stuff.

 We are hoping for some reports of exploits for the next club magazine.

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