Monday, 7 March 2011

The Week Ahead 7 March 2011

We are continuing to aim our Tuesday training towards the Hogweed Half.  

In last week's Fartlek session we practiced visualising the distances set out and running at a consistent pace over those distances. In this week's training we are running timed efforts of 2min at 1/2M speed and 1 min at 10K speed. The aim is to help you to run consistently paced reps, increase your speed endurance and improve your running economy. 

On Thursday we’ve got the Shirenewton runs, followed closely by Curry Night! 

Then on Sunday come and run the last Gwent League xc of the season at Singleton Park, Swansea. The men’s race starts at 12.15, and the women’s very closely afterwards at 12.45. So straight there (don’t forget to bring some cakes), on to the start line, do your stuff, scoff down the shared cakes and off home again. 

I see on the Bulletin Board that we need a few more runners, so come to the Leisure Centre just before 10 to share cars. We’ll be back by mid afternoon. Please let Team Captains Lou or Mark know you’re coming. 


  1. CORRCTION: The women's race is 12.15pm and the men's 12.45pm.

  2. Thanks V - I never could tell the difference berween men and women!