Monday, 28 March 2011

The Week Ahead 28 March 2011

Did you race at the weekend or do a hard run? You may care to run at an easier pace in this Tuesday’s session on the Link Road. Think about stepping down a group.

We’re doing 800 metres down, then two lots of 400 metres back up with appropriate recovery periods. Try three or four sets.

Great news! The first Club Handicap on Thursday – first runners off at 6.45. See ‘Club Only Events’, then ‘Handicap’ for more details.

We’re going off to the pub after for a drink. In the past we’ve been to the Fountain at Trellech Grange or the Cherry Tree at Tintern, but we’re not sure if either of these is open at the moment. If anyone knows can they tell us all in a Comment below please?




  1. The Fountain is open, the Cherry Tree is closed

    Dave Andrews

  2. Thanks Dave. I knew you'd know...