Monday, 14 March 2011

The Week Ahead 14 March 2011

Only a short jog to this week’s Tuesday session: round the Danes Loop in the anti-clockwise direction, after a gentle warm-up/ recce lap. Four laps for ABC groups, and three for DEF, but please feel  free to do more if it fits in with your training plan.

The Boughspring runs are on the menu for Thursday. Choose your distance – 5, 6 or 7 miles – to suit your pre-Hogweed preparation.

A nice alternative Thursday is a 10X400 metres flat speed session on the Severn Bridge.

Some fun is scheduled on Friday evening in the Leisure Centre bar. At 6.45 the Gym Competition involves press-ups, sit-ups and burpees, while at 8.15 there will be a quiz. Watch this space on Wednesday for more details.

Then on Sunday the March Club Champs will be the Hogweed Hilly Half at 10.30 starting from Horton Village Hall in South Glos. I think we’ll need to leave at 8.30.

According to the official website there are no closures scheduled for the M48 old Severn Bridge, but the M4 2nd Crossing is due to be closed heading into England during the day on Sunday.


  1. Sorry - 8.30 too early for meeting on Sunday.

    Change to 9.00

  2. Thanks Dick for the link i just seen on their web page. Only one lane will be close on m48 Severn bridge. I think us Chepstow harriers will be ok.