Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Showtime! Spectators Welcome

Message from Andy Creber: 


This Friday, 18th March, there are two social events on at the Chepstow Leisure Centre bar.First, at 6-45pm prompt, it's the Gym Competition.As many press ups, sit ups and 'burpees' as you can do, in three separate blocks of two minutes. With a good rest between each exercise, obviously !Cost £1 per exercise, so £3 in total. 

  Entry fees go to pay for the hire of the room, so the more the merrier ! Just turn up and have a go !  

Prizes for men and women in all categories. 

 Straight after is the Quiz Competition, hosted by the very honourable Stuart Penny, questions compiled by Steve Harris. We hope to start this at 8-15. 

 Please support both events. Any profit generated will be donated to charity. 


  1. Will there be cake ?

    Can't do pressups without some cake.

  2. I will supply a fresh cream and jam victoria sponge. To be eaten 10 minutes before the competition for . . . .er. . . . maximum 'impact'
    The things I do for you . . . . .