Thursday, 17 March 2011

Hilly Half - Travel Time

Well dear reader, I consulted the S Bridge website on Monday before announcing on the Week Ahead that the old M48 Bridge wasn’t due to close Eastward on Sunday. However at Training on Thursday a number of members told us that the Bridge signs say that it will be closed.

So – back to Plan A and a suggested 8.30 meeting time assuming the extra journey via Magor (the website says Lanes 0 & 1 will be closed  Eastward on Sunday on the 2nd crossing).

Two Questions:

1 Anyone got any definite up-to-date info on Severn Bridge/2nd Crossing closures Sunday?

2 Anyone planning to come to the LC to share cars Sunday? (If not we can leave it to people to make their own arrangements)

Please reply as a Comment below. Thanks.



  1. The severn bridge website says the 2nd severn crossing is shut eastbound on 20th March, but not the M48 crossing. we should be ok therefore.

    8.30am may be a little's only 24 miles and the AA website says 32 minutes. but if people want to enter on the day they'll need more time. I was assured that people would be able to enter on the day but I am checking this and will confirm one way or another as soon as I hear back.

  2. Thanks V.

    Trouble is, a number of people at the Club yesterday swore that the signs approaching the Bridge say that the old Bridge is due to shut Sunday!

    I'll get off my bum and cycle down and have a look.

  3. have driven past this morning and the info signs aren't on. So website is probably correct

  4. They will accept entries on the day.

    Also they have asked us to car share where possible. So I think that meeting at LC is a good idea.

  5. We believe old Bridge is open.

    So meet at 9.