Tuesday, 22 March 2011

First Handicap race, Thursday 31 March, from 6.45pm

It's that time of year again!!!! The first handicap is on next week!!!

The rules have changed slightly this year in that if you have not done a race before the handicap and therefore your time has to be 'guessed', then as well as not being eligible to win on the night, you will also not score any points for the series.  Also, if you decide on the night that your handicap is too hard you will also not score.  Please therefore do try and do this Thursday's time trial as that will give us a suitable starting point for you.

As usual I need a handful of helpers on the night.  Brenda has kindly offered to mark out the course with flour so I need 3 or 4 helpers to do the start and the finish times.

If you are available to help could you therefore please reply to this post.  Thank you very much!!!!


  1. I can help in whatever way you want at start and/or finish.

  2. Great thanks!!!! See you there about 6.30pm if that's ok!