Monday, 14 February 2011

The Week Ahead 14 Feb 2011

On Tuesday it’s the monthly 5k on the Severn Bridge. Come and have a quick sharp thrash, and get yourself a good time. 

A nice choice on Thursday. We’ve got the faithful old Sedbury 7, BUT... a seductive alternative is an away run for the off-roaders on some of the nice trails in Chepstow Park Wood. Meet at the Leis Ctre to share cars at 6.55, or head straight to the car park we use for the Club Handicap ready for a 7pm start.  

Tom Gibbs will be guiding everyone on this exciting night-time jaunt. Remember your torch, and those who’ve run off-road with Tom and Astrid before will know that everyone stays together at a pace that suits the slowest. 

After whichever run you do, pop back into the Bar afterwards to take your pick of the free kit giveaway that Tom postponed from last week. 

I can’t keep Tom Gibbs out of this Blog! Remember he’s organising the classic Quantocks 7 mile fell race starting at Holford Geeen in Somerset at 11am this Saturday. I try to run this every year. The Quantocks are picturesque rolling hills with sea views and no tricky ups or downs. At £3 enter on the day, you can’t beat it. Contact Dick (a Comment after this Blog will do nicely) if you want to share cars. 

And finally – phew! – a most important race on Sunday. February’s Club Champs is the LC cross-country at Parc Bryn Bach, the beautiful country park near Tredegar just off the Heads of the Valleys road. There’s a nice visitor centre where you can enjoy a hot meal afterwards, and good changing/shower facilities. Race starts at 11am and we’re meeting to share cars at 9.15. If it’s your first LCL race of any kind, see Syd on Tuesday or Thursday for a race number. And you need to wear some sort of Club top in the race – vest, short or long Club Tshirt, whatever you’ve got.


  1. Just a note about Thursday's off-road run, if you want to come along and need a lift from the Leisure Centre let me know. I also have a few spare torches which I can lend out. We will be aiming to leave about 5 to 7 from the Leisure Centre.


  2. Hello Tom

    I Think I'll be giving your off road run a try at training later. That'll be good for lift to Chepstow park woods, please.


  3. Hi Berta,

    I've started a thread on the Bulletin Board about this evening's run. Basically the route is about 6-7 miles with 200 metres of climb and we expect to do this in a hour. You will need some shoes with some grip (i.e not road shoes) and a torch - though I have a couple I can lend out.

    we will be at the leisure centre before 7pm for a prompt departure at 6:55.


  4. Thanks for the lovely run yest Tom and Astrid - it made an invigorating change from pounding the Cheppo asphalt. Particularly enjoyed the underwater section, the fast(ish) downhills and that gorgeous hilly bit alongside the edge of the wood with the full moon beaming down on us all.

    Ta also for the lovely technical tee, even if it's gonna need at least five washes before it's usable lol! :op R