Monday, 3 January 2011

The Week Ahead 3 January 2011

Happy New Year Dear Reader, and welcome to the first week’s training, devised and managed by Lou.


A choice of two sessions on Tuesday you lucky people. One is the Loop Road on the way to Beachley and takes the form of 3 loops and three straights, each averaging 800 metres, with slow jog recoveries between each. It’s a fair trot to get there, so don’t hesitate to drive down and back. Or hitch a lift with a friendly coach (or Dick if you can’t find one).


Alternative is 3 sets of 4 Hospital Hill climbs, each set consisting of 2 longs and 2 shorts.


You’ll have read in WotsOn that Lou is offering more flat speedwork on the next three Thursdays as special training for January’s Club Champs race, the Lliswerry 8. Jog down to the Severn Bridge for 10 X 400 metres (that coach is offering lifts again for those who haven’t got the time/energy to jog the two miles there and back).


But of course the usual Thursday long run is there for those who prefer. Choose the 5, 7 or 8 miles Boughspring run.


Pontypool Park is the easily accessible venue for Sunday’s LCL cross-country starting at 11. Meet at our Leis Ctre at 9.45 to share cars. No entry fee, no paperwork, just turn up in your Club kit and enjoy this excellent training. If it’s your first time, see Syd on Tuesday or Thursday for your unique everlasting number.   


  1. I haven't had a January 'Wot's On'.

  2. Jane - Jan Wots On was sent out about 22 Dec. email and ask for it.

  3. Don't forget there will be a great off-road run tonight - just bring a torch (that works) and some grippy shoes for a fun alternative to reps on the bridge.