Monday, 24 January 2011

The Week Ahead 24 Jan 2011

Tuesday’s session takes us up Beech Grove’s  gentle hills. We’ll be doing four sets of four 40-second bursts, with 80 secs jog-back recovery. If you want to go straight there, we’ll gather on the corner of Fairview/High Beech in leafy North Bulwark.

After Tuesday’s training we have booked the bar for a talk by an NHS podiatrist, Sam Chidwick. Sam will cover all aspects of feet and lower limbs including treatment and prevention of injury, orthotics, skin care and more.

On Thursday get some speed in your legs in readiness for the Lliswerry 8 on Sunday. To optimise your performance in this first Club Championship of 2011, you might want to drive or hitch a lift to and from the Severn Bridge, and maybe do the 5k at a good clip but not your all-out race pace.

We’re meeting on Sunday at 9.30 at our Leis Ctre. This allows time for those entering on the day, a good warm-up and the 10 minute jog to the race start.

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  1. Where is the meeting/starting point for the Lliswerry 8 on Sunday? Is it near the Dunelm Mill shop??