Monday, 31 January 2011

The Week Ahead 31 Jan 2011

Mark begins his spell as Coach of the Month with some hill work to get us in good nick for February’s and March’s Club Champs – the Parc Bryn Bach LCL cross-country on Sunday 20 Feb, and the Hogweed Hilly Half on 20 March.

This Tuesday  ’tis two sets of five surges up dear old School Hill.

On Thursday you have a choice. The ‘Club 10’ is a hilly romp through St Arvans, Devauden, Itton and Howick  on fast, busy roads for which bright reflective clothing and lights/torches are recommended. The 4 Acre Grove run is shorter and not so tough and takes in farm tracks for which a torch is a must, as well as the obligatory reflective gear. Basically a five-miler it can easily be extended to seven by adding a loop round the town when you get back to racecourse roundabout.

Mark has also offered to continue the Thursday alternative speed sessions on the S Bridge that Lou started so successfully in January. But if anyone would like to suggest a different speed alternative we’d be pleased to hear your ideas in a Comment to this Blog.

The final hard training session this week for those who have the stamina is the dancing at the Ceilidh Dinner/Prize Presentation on Saturday night. I hear that Club Championship points can be won by those energetic enough to do all the dances!

You’ll find the Athletic Club at

I know the picture looks like a private house, but just knock loudly on the door and say you’ve come for the Chepstow Harriers Ceilidh.   

Monday, 24 January 2011

The Week Ahead 24 Jan 2011

Tuesday’s session takes us up Beech Grove’s  gentle hills. We’ll be doing four sets of four 40-second bursts, with 80 secs jog-back recovery. If you want to go straight there, we’ll gather on the corner of Fairview/High Beech in leafy North Bulwark.

After Tuesday’s training we have booked the bar for a talk by an NHS podiatrist, Sam Chidwick. Sam will cover all aspects of feet and lower limbs including treatment and prevention of injury, orthotics, skin care and more.

On Thursday get some speed in your legs in readiness for the Lliswerry 8 on Sunday. To optimise your performance in this first Club Championship of 2011, you might want to drive or hitch a lift to and from the Severn Bridge, and maybe do the 5k at a good clip but not your all-out race pace.

We’re meeting on Sunday at 9.30 at our Leis Ctre. This allows time for those entering on the day, a good warm-up and the 10 minute jog to the race start.

Monday, 17 January 2011

The Week Ahead 17 Jan 2011

A shorter journey to this Tuesday’s venue: the corner of St Kingsmark Lane and Avenue for the Danes Loop. 5 laps of this up and down circuit, choose your group to match the pace that you need to suit your current training.Thursday’s run is the Hayesgate circuit, or you can join in Lou’s speed session on the S Bridge – 10 X 400 metres to give you that extra turn of speed for the Lliswerry 8 on 30 January. Or bring a head torch for Tom & Astrid’s off-roader. 

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Handicap, Champs & XC

A few things have been added to the website:

Handicap - dates for this years events added to the handicap page

XC - results from LCL at pontypool park added to xc page 

XC - Gwent league date amended (Sun 13th Mar), the cancelled race is not being rearranged.

Club champs - Provisional race information added to the club champs page, also included is a document with more detail on the races.

Monday, 10 January 2011

The Week Ahead 10 Jan 2011

Our usual monthly visit to Thornwell on Tuesday for laps of the loop: 4 times for A-C groups, 3 times for DEF, but please do more if it suits your training schedule. Your friendly coaches are offering a lift back.

The Shirenewton runs on Thursday, and Lou is also doing the S Bridge 400 metre sessions that were well attended last week. Lifts back again offered by your coaches.

And I bet the off-road crew will welcome you and your headtorch for the third choice on Thurs.

And all three choices come together later for CURRY NIGHT - Hurrah!

We're proud to recommend Dave Andrews' classic multi-terrain race over in Thornbury on Sunday at 11. Enter in advance or on the day

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Dave Needs Your Help!

Dave Austin is going to tackle the renowned South Wales Traverse on Saturday 28 May this year. This is a tough and rugged challenge of 73 miles across the mountains from Pen Rhiw Wen/Herbert's Quarry on the A4069 to Llanthony Abbey to be completed inside 24 hours. You may remember Tom Gibbs completing it last Summer. 
Dave will need support throughout the run and will be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to help, either with running with him on sections of the route or by meeting him at road crossings and keeping him fed and watered.

Contact Dave on or 0794 712 7410

Monday, 3 January 2011

The Week Ahead 3 January 2011

Happy New Year Dear Reader, and welcome to the first week’s training, devised and managed by Lou.


A choice of two sessions on Tuesday you lucky people. One is the Loop Road on the way to Beachley and takes the form of 3 loops and three straights, each averaging 800 metres, with slow jog recoveries between each. It’s a fair trot to get there, so don’t hesitate to drive down and back. Or hitch a lift with a friendly coach (or Dick if you can’t find one).


Alternative is 3 sets of 4 Hospital Hill climbs, each set consisting of 2 longs and 2 shorts.


You’ll have read in WotsOn that Lou is offering more flat speedwork on the next three Thursdays as special training for January’s Club Champs race, the Lliswerry 8. Jog down to the Severn Bridge for 10 X 400 metres (that coach is offering lifts again for those who haven’t got the time/energy to jog the two miles there and back).


But of course the usual Thursday long run is there for those who prefer. Choose the 5, 7 or 8 miles Boughspring run.


Pontypool Park is the easily accessible venue for Sunday’s LCL cross-country starting at 11. Meet at our Leis Ctre at 9.45 to share cars. No entry fee, no paperwork, just turn up in your Club kit and enjoy this excellent training. If it’s your first time, see Syd on Tuesday or Thursday for your unique everlasting number.   

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Lou Beats All

Our Women’s Captain took on the best of Wales Masters at the Old Father Time race in Cardiff today and beat them all! Lou Summers not only won her age group prize, but actually won the women’s race in 31.59.


Brenda Avery and Dick Finch won their age group while Syd got the silver medal.


Thanks to Les Croupiers for a well organised race.