Monday, 13 December 2010

The Week Ahead 13 Dec 2010

Well it’s coming on apace and in a sennight’s time it’ll be the Winter Solstice (does that sound suitably folksy and philosophical enough for ya?).


This Tuesday we’re having a go at Steep Street for the first time this winter. It’ll be six long and six short hills alternately. Pace yourself with the longs, and go flat out for the shorts.


Thursday holds the double delights of the Sedbury run and the pre-xmas visit to the Mughal Spice for the all-you-can-eat curry. Please tell Niki if you’re going.


And you’ll doubtless have seen (on the Blog before this one) Vanessa’s plug for Sunday’s Christmas Tree Club Champs race. Finish the year on a high with a bash at this great seasonal event.



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