Monday, 1 November 2010

The Week Ahead 2 Nov 2010

We’re well into the autumn routine now, and it’s down to Thornwell again for the popular Loop on Tuesday. Four loops with 90 secs recovery.Some may drive down to save the two mile jog there, but make sure you run a loop to warm up while you’re waiting for the rest to arrive.On Thursday we’re doing the Boughspring runs anti-clockwise, so it’s down past the Sedbury shops, left along Sedbury Lane, across the A48, then make-your-mind-up time at the Bishton Lane junction, and again at Netherhope Lane. See the map at then on Sunday we host the first Leisure Ctre League cross-country of the new season. It’s in Piercefield Park at 11, and runners will be jogging over from the LC at 10.15. Don’t forget your LCL number. First-timers can get a number from Syd on Tuesday or Thursday, or Sunday morning at a pinch if you warn Syd in advance and give him your date of birth.All Harriers are asked to help with setting up or taking down the course. We meet at 9am in the top car park to help set up, which saves you having to go round the course after the race. Otherwise please help pick up the sticks and tape straight after the race.The Summer League Presentation takes place in the bar after the race – details in the Club email just sent out to all members.

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  1. Anyone on for a post OMM recovery run this evening ?