Monday, 15 November 2010

The Week Ahead 15 November 2010

First time this season, on Tuesday we’re returning to one of the new sessions that Ivan introduced last year – the Beech Grove Hills. It’s a gentle slope leading away from the Athletic Club in Bulwark.


40 seconds up, then 80 seconds down, four times each set. Do either three or four sets according to taste.


On Thursday the Hayesgate runs take their turn. Follow the link on the Training page to have a look at the map.


The Club Championship is nearing its finale with the Elan Valley10 on Saturday. Plenty of ups and downs along country lanes, it’s also the last race in the East Wales Road Championships for 2010.


We’re meeting at the Leisure Centre at 10am – be there for a fine race that starts with a long downhill from the top of the dam. 


  1. 40 up, 80 down ?
    Sorry, you've got me there. How does that work ?

  2. you run for 40 seconds uphill, then you have 80 secs to jog back to reach start point.

  3. Re the Elan Valley 10, the organisers have confirmed that you can still enter on the day

  4. FYI grubby - 40s up, then 80s down as it's a very slight hill - if you want to you can try 40up 40down - see how you feel at the end then ;-)

  5. hi I just wondering who is meeting at the leisure centre tmoz for Elan valley 10 as I not sure where it is!
    I could do with a lift please?!

  6. Colin, Rob & I will give you a lift Berta.

    See u a 10