Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Sunday’s Gwent League Cancelled

Just had a message that Sunday’s Gwent League at Bath has been cancelled for “Safety Reasons” A decision whether to reschedule will be made ASAP.


No further explanation given.


  1. Has the bale of hay come loose or the grass not been cut ?

  2. No, I hear they're double booked a with bowls match

  3. Dick,

    Maybe the tarmac hasn't set yet ?

  4. Don't be ridiculous, the pair of you !
    Of course the grass has been cut. It's just that 'clippings' have been left in situ, by mistake, and constitute a tripping hazard.

  5. Thanks Grubby for clearing that up. I was planning on running, but they have made a good decision as I wouldn't want to run if clippings were out, surely asking for a broken leg.

    Instead I'll go for a long hard run on the fells, much safer