Monday, 25 October 2010

The Week Ahead 25 Oct 2010



The final week of Ivan’s month, and we’re on the Severn Bridge for 8 or 10 lots of 400 metres with 200 metres recovery. So 4 or 5 sets of 400 out, then turn and do the same number back.


You might want to drive down to Homebase if the 2+ miles jog there and back are a bit too much. If you do, don’t forget to do a good warm-up while you’re waiting for the rest of the runners.


Thursday it’s the Shirenewton runs, with a turn-round when you reach the main road where the Spar shop used to be. Or turn by the Tredegar Arms, or the full deal is to run round the church. Or bring your headtorch and have a tarmac-free run with the off-roaders.


Word of warning – we have had a problem with one of the dogs at the farm just past the top of Ticken Hill, but we are led to believe that this has been dealt with. If you ever do have a confrontation with dogs on any run (Club night or not) please tell Welfare Officer Chris Rees, or any of the coaches.


The ever-popular Sugar Loaf on Saturday at 2pm is the next race in our fell series. This is the winter version based at the Crown Inn at Pantigelli, a mile or so north of Abergavenny on the old Hereford Road. 5 miles of mostly runnable friendly terrain - enter on the day, only £2.50.


Good luck to those who’ll miss the Sugar Loaf doing the Original Mountain Marathon down in Dartmoor.  

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  1. I've been past the farm where the "evil dog lurks" and although I always do try to pick up speed he still runs out. The last couple of times I've noticed that he's been muzzled! but don't take my word for it.