Monday, 18 October 2010

The Week Ahead 18 Oct 2010

Spoilt for choice on Tuesday you lucky people! Either the Severn Avenue speed session up in Tutshill that proved very popular last year OR the well regarded Hospital Hill.


The Severn Ave speed bit is about 480 metres with 280 metres recovery. Choose 8-10 circuits. It’s a fair trot to Tutshill so you might want to consider driving up (not if you’re one of the luvly ladeez living round the corner!)


Likewise 8-10 H Hill ups with a timed climb rather than a set distance. Great for leg strength this one – essential for good running.


Thursday gives you another chance to set a 5k PB or even Club Record! Our new officially measured course starts in the usual place but turns round 24 metres further along the Bridge. Good thinking those of you who’ve been putting in the weekly long runs – that extra endurance will surely pay off…




  1. Is there an offroad option for Thursday for those not wanting to do the 5K ?

  2. Yes of course Tom. Apols for not mentioning it.

    What route have you planned?

  3. Nothing planned at mo - but could be tempted with either

    Rogerstone - Long Orchard - Mounton


    Offa's Dyke - Lancault - path by river back to offa's dyke


  4. Both sound good.

    Skippy and I spent a couple of hours recently taming Long Orchard for a hash, so should be in good nick. And not too squelchy after this wee drought.

  5. Another hash? yey! what date is that one? will it be on the weekend?

    sorry loadsa questions

  6. Whoa steady Berta. It was for the Mark's hash coupla months ago from Piercefield.

    But... it must be time for another. Any volunteers?