Monday, 11 October 2010

The Week Ahead 11 Oct 2010


Down to Thornwell for Tuesday’s session, and it’s four loops with 90 secs recovery. There’ll be drills and warm-up down the Link Road, but I know some runners find it a long way down to Thornwell and back. So it might be a good idea to arrange a car-share with others of like mind. You could use the Comments box below for that purpose.


On Thursday, the Hayesgate runs offer routes of varying lengths. The full route is right up Ticken Hill at Mounton roundabout, but one short cut is to take the left road. Further on you could miss out Mathern village and return via the A48 with a pavement all the way up Pwllmeyric.


Whichever route you choose – make sure you get back in time for CURRY NIGHT!!! I’m delighted to report that last month’s brilliant wheeze of pre-ordering before the run worked marvellously. By the time I’d paid and got my pint the curry had beaten me to the table!


So take your pick from  and put it on the list in our bar before you go off on your run.


The Mimsy on Sunday. See Vanessa’s blog for meeting time and post-race pub. Have a good race!  


  1. 'A long way down to Thornwell' ! Surely a mile and a half run is an essential warm-up before a quality session. Whatever next ?! We'll be bussing people up to the Danes no doubt!

  2. It's the run back afterwards that does me in! I need all the help i can get at the moment.

    When i first joined the club, this was one of the first sessions i did, all was well until i had to head home - had to walk most of it. My previous runs were rarely further than 5/6miles - so 1.5mile there, session and i was done in.

    Anyone who wants to drive down from LC or just meet us there is welcome.

    As it's a committee meeting tonight - i suspect some members will be driving down for timing purposes.

  3. Hello folks,

    Is there an off-road option on Thursday ?

    Looking forward to Curry already !


  4. Welcome back Tom - howdit go?

    Gill led a small off-road group last week, so it should be a bit bigger this week.