Monday, 20 September 2010

The Week Ahead 20 Sept 2010

We’re still pushing our luck with the nights closing in, so we’d better get organized Tuesday and head straight over to Piercefield Park for the 1 minute up/1 minute down session.


It’s two separate sets of six lots of up and down with a nice break between sets.


On Thursday let’s meet on the steps and get running on the stroke of 7 and beat Mr Dark! Or you can really cheat that dusky gent by setting off earlier. Arrange a 6.45 meet with your chums.


Through Barnets Woods and Cockshoot Wood, then across the fields to the left of Fryth Wood to Rogerstone Grange and back via the roads via St Arvans.


Time to dig out that reflective top. I’ve ordered some more for sale soon.  


  1. Is anyone going to set off at 6.45?

  2. Anne, Jackie, Becka and I have agreed to meet at 6.45 to do 3 woods, if that's any good for you.

  3. OK, thanks, I will see what time I can finish work, so may or may not make it by 6.45