Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Crop Tops


I've managed to find a replacement supplier for crop vests. The colouring and font design is very similiar to the original one, however, two styles are available - these being a standard "full" back and a T-back. Also you'll be pleased to hear they're of equal quality (Lycra) to the original, but considerably cheaper at £13:80.

I presently have a sample available if you want to try before you buy. The ordering will be slightly different from conventional methods, in as much as you'll be required to complete an order form (which will be made available asap via a link off the club kit page) and post off along with your cheque.

Have a look for yourself at the link below, but please dont order just yet as the account set up is not yet finalised.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further info.



Club Kit



  1. Are they just for Ladies ?

    Surely Andy C will be after one, it's lighter than a vest and will support his moobs....

    Plus with addition of a wig and liberal shaving he can start pot hunting Ladies categories (provided he wins them)

  2. In the interests of speed, can I humbly suggest ladies go for the model with minimum fabric i.e. the "T" version

  3. I suspect Andy C will have the same problem with a crop top as me, that is . .er. ."rubbing"
    Liberal application of vaseline only causes initial excitement and distraction, whilst leaving a petroleum based stain afterwards. Crop tops are also not good for those of us with a more voluptuous figure, causing adolescent boys to fall off their bikes.
    Sorry Mr. Wright, we need something more androgenous to run in. My sister knits nice 'cardies'