Monday, 9 August 2010

The Week Ahead 9 Aug 2010

The final Rose Inn on Tuesday so we’re putting on a speed session on Thursday as well as a run. It’ll be 3 sets of 4X300 metres.


The Thursday run will be round Chepstow Park Wood, but a very different run to the usual Handicap route. Vanessa has devised a run that we’ll be testing out for a possible mountain bike route to be cycled on maybe Wed 25 August. It’ll be a roughly 5 mile up-and-down run, and we’ll make sure no-one gets left behind.


Meet at Leis Centre 6.50 to share cars.


And finally – the next fell race in our Club series, the Sugar Loaf on Saturday, 11am from Abergavenny Leis Ctre. This really is a non-technical 7 miler with just a couple of rocky bits around the summit. Enter on the day, only £3, hot showers, refreshments. Meet Chep LC at 9.   


  1. The route for thursday's run will be marked with flour so assuming there is no downpour on thursday afternoon then no-one should get left behind...

    And is it curry night afterwards?

  2. Yes 'tis Curry Night Vanessa. Thanks for reminder.

    AND the Sugar Loaf goes from ABERGAVENNY LC, not Brecon as I first posted (thanks Lou)