Monday, 23 August 2010

The Week Ahead 23 August 2010

Members from the Tutshill area – no need to run over to the Leisure Ctre on Tuesday! We’re doing Ivan’s Windmill Hill session in the field over the road from the Castleton Home.


And Vanessa invites everyone to take their mountain bike to Chepstow Park Wood on Wednesday at 7pm for a timed ride round most of the paths we ran round a couple of weeks ago. The route has been improved by substituting an easier section for the rather technical last descent we finished on in the recce.


On Thursday we’re running the freshly cleaned-up Nun’s Walk route. If you did Mark’s Hash recently, it’s almost the same route in reverse, but without the Piercefield Inn. It goes round Barnets Woods, out along the dead-end lane that forks off right part-way up Ticken Hill, through the tunnel at Wellhead Lodge under the Usk Road, along the cleared Long Orchard, through Howick Farm round towards Rogerstone Grange, and back.


Finally a reminder that it’s the August Club Champs race next Monday the 30th. The Machen Mountain 10k does go up and down the mountain, but it’s all runnable, and there’s a tasty buffet afterwards. tells you all you need to know.


  1. Meet at Lc at 1pm for travel to Machen for 3 o'c start

  2. Dick
    just looked at the AA website and it reckons 35 mins to get to Machen. Leaving at 1pm may be a little keen - can we postpone slightly? May I suggest 1.30?

  3. You're right V. 1.30 much better.