Friday, 27 August 2010

Machen Mountain 10k

A reminder of Monday's 10k which is also the August club championship race and the last counter in the South Wales fell series. (the latter interests fewer than 10 runners in the club so don't worry if you don't have a clue what it means. Just come and run anyway)

Starts at 3pm in Machen, near Caerphilly.  Meet at LC at 1.30 to share cars.

If you want to make your own way then the postcode I believe is CF83 8QD - well, this is the postcode of the organiser who lives in Machen.  It's not a big place so no doubt it will be fairly clear where to go once you get to Machen village.  26miles from Chepstow per the AA website, 35 mins drive.  Below is a link showing the start on a map.,-3.13533|17|4&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:51.59397:-3.13534:18||

Can enter on the day at £7.50.

Re footwear, don't ask coz I don't know.  I guess off road shoes but I don't know if fell shoes are an advantage or whether road shoes are a disadvantage.  If in doubt take several pairs and see what everyone else is wearing when you get there.  That's what I'll be doing.

See you there!!!! Weather looks good too - bonus!!!!!


  1. Andrew Blackmore27 August 2010 at 15:37

    The race organiser is short of marshalls, so if you can help out please e-mail him at: greg at

  2. Oops! Nearly forgot!!! It's also a counter in our own Chepstow Harriers fell series.

  3. A lot of the steepest climb and descent are on tarmac in the village, so some runners might prefer the cushioning of trail shoes.

    But you certainly need good grip on the off-road bits after all the recent rain.

    Six of one, and half-dozen of the other (whatever that may mean):)