Monday, 5 July 2010

The Week Ahead 5 July 2010

At last arrives the Tuesday we’ve been waiting for all year – the Chepstow Harriers Grand Annual Track Extravaganza!!! Organised by Coach of the Month, Mark, it will be a bonanza of runs, jumps and throws for all to revel in and show the watching world that we’re not just saddo long distance plodders (tho’ some of us might fit that description).


Then off on Thursday to our friends at Thornbury to race their Sundays Hill 10k (enter on the night if you like). This is the alternative July Club Champs for those who were too late for the Frampton 10k the following Monday.


On Sunday Jane will be organising another Magor Marsh 10k run as described in the recent email.


  1. Good morning,

    On thursday, is there an option which doesn't involve running 10K with Thornbury ?


  2. Good morning Tom and apologies for falling down on my duties by not mentioning that there'll be a run along the Gloucestershire Way, followed by the monthly visit to the Bellhanger for CURRY NIGHT !!!

    It's also the Improvers final night, and I'm hoping they'll come along to the Bellhanger afterwards.

  3. Mr. G - Don't tell me. . . . .you've upset them as well !

  4. No problem Dick,

    I think Astrid will be trying a run again tonight

    Grubby - you know me to well, though some say that you are no longer allowed entry to England following your involvement in stealing the World Cup back in 66 (the ultimate pot hunter that you are)