Monday, 14 June 2010

The Week Ahead 14 June 2010


Tuesday brings us the second LCL road race of the season based at Cwmbran Stadium. It’s also the June Club Champs, recently switched from the third LCL at  Parc Penallta on 29 June. So come along and score for your Club and yourself in one swell foop (as Mr Spooner would have it).


Meet at Leis Ctre at 6.30 to share cars.


A very special event on Thursday – our first away run of the Summer. Niki has produced an interesting run around the Catbrook area. We’ll be driving up there from the Leis Ctre, with our Improvers joining us for what promises to be a great Club evening, with drinks and eats to round it off. Not to be missed!


  1. And the Mallards' Pike 5miler is on wednesday - including fun run for the children, and a barbecue - always a really good atmosphere.

  2. Quote "It’s also the June Club Champs, recently switched from the third LCL at Parc Penallta on 29 June." Do the rest of the Club know about this change, as I certaintly don't, er, didn't ?

  3. Is it meet at 6.30 on thursday then? I told the Improvers 6.45 ... aaarrggghhhh ... I shall have to put them right

  4. Vanessa - thanks for that.

    Gareth - a Club email was sent to all members on 7 June.

    Jackie - 6.45 will be fine. A Club email will go out very soon with more details of Thursday's arrangement, and with details of the following Thursday's run which will be a Hash Run from Mathern organised by Neil.

  5. Where are we starting at Catbrook on Thursday, if I go straight there, or is it part of the mystery?

    Dave A

  6. At Catbrook Green Dave. A Club email will be sent soon about this and next Thursday's Hash.

  7. Dick,

    As i always think with my stomach, does the Cherry Tree do any food in the evenings ? i.e can I expect grub after the run tonight ??


  8. Tom - just rung the landlord and there'll be plenty of grub. They normally serve up till 8.30 but when I told him we wouldn't be there till later he said "I'm sure we'll be able to rustle something up." I would have replied earlier Tom but it took me a while to add 7 and 10...