Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Situations Vacant: Page & Peasants Wanted…

… and Anglo-Saxon royal regalia!


On 1 July before the start of the Tintern Trot we’re holding a photo-shoot to publicise Offa’s Orror. Bill Bewg has gallantly volunteered to dress up as the 8th century king of Mercia, and is looking for a crown and a suitable costume.


We’re looking for some other brave souls to be Bill’s attendants.


So if you’ve got the odd crown, sword, cloak up in the loft, can you please lend them to Race Director, Colin Prosser. who promises to look after them and return them unharmed. Indeed I believe he’s just purchased a new tin of gold polish and a patent sword sharpener for the occasion…


And Col will also be delighted to hear from anyone who fancies dressing up as a soldier, page or peasant, and/or who has some suitable clothing in their dressing-up chest. I understand that any actors will be rewarded with a large tankard of Anglo-Saxon ale!!!

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  1. I'll have a look what I've got and don't mind making a fool of myself........................